We are Licensed, Insured and Bonded!
Pet First Aid and CPR Certified!

Pets are the most comfortable in their home environment, so why would anyone put them in a boarding kennel while you are away? Being at home helps reduce stress and separation anxiety, so using a pet sitter is a logical solution. The risk of your pet catching a disease or sickness in a kennel is greater than in the safety of your own home. It also allows for greater security for your home, since someone is there on a daily basis to give it that “lived-in” look. It is important for your pets to get proper exercise and stimulation. Walking a dog not only exercises the dog's body, but also its mind. Daily walks keep your pets mind stimulated and reduces its chance of being bored.

Our pet sitting and walking service is tailored to your needs, whether you need just one, two or three visits each day while you are on vacation, or weekly scheduled exercise visits. We even offer overnight stays and pet taxi services if that is what you need.

Your pets get all of our love and affection during each visit. They get fresh food & water, quality playtime, exercise, necessary medications, brushing, and treats. Dogs are taken for walks to relieve themselves and cats have their litter box cleaned each day.

Along with taking care of your pets, we also take care of your home for security. We can bring in the mail and newspapers, take out and bring in trash cans, as well as rotate the lights and window coverings, which make it appear that someone is home. We can also water your plants to keep them healthy and alive.

  • Your peace of mind is important! Knowing your pets are well cared for in their own home.
  • Less chance for illness/ disease from being exposed to unknown animals.
  • Personalized attention, play and exercise, tailored just for your pets.
  • Your pets remain in a familiar and stress free environment
  • Our Insurance covers your pets,and your property.
  • No need to transport your pet to and from a kennel or day care facility.
  • We can keep you informed about how your pets are doing while you are gone.
  • Very competitive pricing • Free in-home consultation.
  • Qualified emergency back up pet sitters available.
  • No extra charge for emergency reservations
  • Regular security checks of your home.
  • Your home looks "lived in" to deter crime.
  • No need to cancel the mail, trash or other regularly scheduled services.
    Satisfaction guaranteed!