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About Stacy:
Myers brought Maremaid to The L.A. Times Festival of Books, where it was noticed by Barnes & Noble. She was featured in The Los Angeles Times and later spoke to 500 third- to sixth-graders at local elementary schools about how to write and illustrate a story.
In addition to writing, Myers is an artist and a chef. Her oil and watercolor paintings have been displayed in local art shows and galleries. She launched “Stacy’s Catering” in the early 2000s and ran that for several years before deciding to pursue her art full-time. In 2006, while working at home surrounded by her family of rescue dogs, she came up with an idea for another book.
Having grown up as an only child with an eccentric Irish mother who bred Yorkshire terriers and loved to cook and a traveling businessman father who was rarely around, a story simmered in her heart.
Always a believer in the hereafter, as well as serendipity, Myers conceived of Yorkshire Pudding Pie.
Today Myers resides in southern California with her husband and one toy Fox terrier, two Chihuahuas, and one very special teacup Yorkshire terrier, all of whom are happy to sit at her feet while she creates a new dish or paints a new painting, or writes her next story.

Stacy Erin Myers is the author and illustrator of Maremaid: A Pony’s Tale. The inspiration for the story, about a coin-operated pony who wishes to become a real pony, came from having a horse of her own as a child—a beautiful Arabian mare, and her fixation on mermaids. After traveling to Europe with her mother at the age of five, Myers never forgot the magic and wonderment of the worlds most famous “little mermaid”—the sculpture in Copenhagen harbor.

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Yorkshire Pudding
Love, it seems, is transcendental. At least that's what Monique (“Momo”) and nine-year-old Tutor Moot think after discovering beautiful and serendipitous connections between their herd of Yorkshire terriers that they breed and sell, and the people the little terriers choose as their owners. A comforting tale of life lessons, everlasting love, and evidence that nothing is ever happenstance. Yorkshire Pudding Pie, set in 1969, is the year in a life of a mother-daughter duo that discovers their unique bond—both personally and through struggles of the era and together learn about themselves, their community, and society’s discriminations.
 Yorkshire Pudding Pie not only invites readers into the lives of a single eccentric mother and her precocious daughter, but also into the lives of a handful of very diverse neighbors, all of whom are changed forever when the Moot puppies come into their lives.  Having lost her husband while pregnant with Tutor, Momo tries desperately to create a family for her expectant child.  The dog breeding business has a lot more to offer than income, she soon finds out, as the loving disposition of their Yorkshire terriers fills the void of loss.

 A small neighborhood is the backdrop for six people longing for a second chance at life, happiness, and perhaps a little closure. When fate intervenes, each of them finds that an unexpected gift can be found in a most unusual reincarnated package, as a little puppy.
 The current popularity of feel-good books and movies shows how, in our turbulent times, people are craving sweet, heartfelt stories. Stories like Old Yeller, Sounder, and Marley & Me, and most recently Edward Sawtelle, all feature another kind of soul mate—the canine kind. Yorkshire Pudding Pie serves up a whimsical, celestial tale that will resonate with any reader who has ever loved a dog. Big on inspiration, this heavenly little story will melt the heart and bring sweet tears to the eyes of anyone who believes that dogs do smile and have souls—and it will make you smile the next time you see a dog wag its tail.

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LiL Bug
 The odds are against a little white lady bug named "Lil" who is shunned since birth for being born with no color.
 Lil soon discovers just how different she really is when she decides to leave her home in the vegetable garden
 and find acceptance in the very colorful world of the flower garden next door.
"Lil Bug" is a sweet story about diversity and how a little perseverance can go a long way.
 The lesson Lil learns...  "Never judge a book by its cover".

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