Happy Tails


"Our family dog, Scooter was starting to withdraw from us as he was aging. One day I saw Lilly's picture on the website and we couldn't meet her fast enough!
Lilly has been a treasured member of our family since March and since then, Scooter has perked up and we couldn't imagine our home without our Lilly! We love her so much! She is a kissing monster and more love is impossible to imagine comming from one little dog! We are so grateful to have found her!"
Elyse & Hannah  "Lily"


"Mi Amour Mio" thats what I say to her everyday when she blinks her almond shaped sparkling eyes at me... Last year while exiting my vets office after having my six year old yorkie diagnosed with some strange seizure disorder, something that was apparently a mystery to my vet, I glanced up at the adoption/rescue board and saw a flyer with a close up of a puppy's face. I was instantly and utterly in love. I have adopted many dogs over the years, but this little dog with the sweetest eyes I have ever seen, stole my heart and I knew right then, she would be mine.  I called the number and introduced myself to Kelly as the  " New owner " of the puppy on the flyer.  Kelly  laughed and agree to meet me the following day at my vets office.  As I knew when I saw her photo, she was just as special when I meet her.  She took my breath away.  I drove home devising a plan what to say to my husband about  our soon to be "new addition" to our family of three little adopted dogs. I thought of what I would name her and couldn't shake why I was so struck by her.  She was after all, just a little black Chihuahua, one of so many that need a loving home.  But she was different, and some things are just supposed to be.  My husband said " No! " when I pled my case and the conversation was dropped, until the next day.  I asked Kelly to come to my house with the puppy to just let my husband see her. I knew, if he just saw her eyes he would fall in love too.  Well I was right,  and my husband tells her every day what a pretty girl she is as she sits perfectly straight up by his foot while he works in his office.  I named her "Mio" which means "Mine" in Spanish. That was over a year ago, and my Yorkie within two weeks stopped having seizures as Mio became her new best friend as they are inseparable. My vet still has no explanation for why the seizures stopped, but I know it was because of Mio.  Her sweetness exudes through her playful temperament and loving disposition.  She also grew into a stunning beauty, I call her my little "Arabian pony" as her posture is so purposeful and her coat a shiny velvet black.  She sleeps between my husband and I, mostly at his request !  But my happiest vision is when all of my dogs including Mio, bask in the sun together, along with our two cats, every morning while I sit at my computer and work on my next children's book, which of course just happens to be inspired by a most adorable little black dog named "Mio"...
Thank you so much Kelly ! Keep up your good work :)
Stacy & Tony  "Mio"


"Capone is a huge part of our family. He now has a fur brother Max and fur sister Trixie. They are best friends and all rescue dogs. We are so glad that he was rescued by Dog Days and given a second chance at life. After being saved on his last day from the shelter, he then had a brush with death being found positive for distemper. Kelly did everything in her power to save his life and after 6 months of medical treatments he made it through. We can not imagine life without Capone in our family."
Gloria & Larry "Capone"


"I'm so grateful to have found Molly to join our family. My husband and I have two other dogs and we heard about Molly's story from Kelly at Dog Days Rescue and Training. We rescued her right before the holidays and she was a perfect fit. Molly is now the "Boss" of our Havanese, Cooper and our 4 lb. Chihuahua, Lola. She makes sure they play nice in a motherly way. Molly and Lola take trips with me and when we go visit my family, she gets to stay with Kelly and visit too. Thank you Kelly."
Adriane "Molly"


Our family adopted Sadie from the East Valley Shelter about 2 years ago. When I first seen her picture online, I just knew she was meant to be apart of our family. With the help of Kelly and Debbie, we were able to fly Sadie up here to Canada to meet the rest of our family and pack. Sadie came to us malnourished and abused. With a lot of sweat and tears we were able to rehabilitate Sadie and she is now living a normal life full of love, kisses and walks. Sadie had gotten over her fear of men and is a social butterfly, she has such a loving personality and we couldn't imagine life without her. She brings our family so much joy and happiness. If it wasn't for Kelly's dedication and advocating for Sadie, she would have been euthanized. Thank you Kelly for all that you did and do for these animals. Your kindness is inspiring and we have the utmost respect and gratitude for you and Dog Days!
Shaunna & Josh "Sadie"


"Fiona is one of our favorite seniors we had the wonderful chance to rescue. She was around 10 years old when we rescued her from the shelter. She was a mess with bad arthritis, an upper respiratory infection and kennel cough. With medication and some tender loving care she was just as good as new! She was adopted by a fellow animal rescuer and she is doing amazing! Her new family just loves her so much!"
Dog Days Rescue  "Fiona"



"Cosmo was our oldest senior we had the pleasure to rescue. He was 16 years old, completely deaf, partially blind and the sweetest little boy ever. His favorite thing to do was sun bathe, and we loved to sun bathe with him. After a couple months of being in a foster home he had the amazing chance to live at The Brittany Foundation & Sanctuary. He spent his days roaming around, sun bathing and mingling with other deaf and blind dogs on the ranch. Unfortunately his time came to cross over to heaven. He had a seizure and passed away in Nancy's loving arms. We are so blessed to have been able to save him and give him the last few months of love and tender care he deserved."
Dog Days Rescue "Cosmo"