When I was planning a long-overdue trip to England recently to see my family, one of my biggest concerns was what to do with my two pups. And my bunny. And my tortoise. Where would I put them? Who would treat them and spoil them the way my kids do? So I reached out to Kelly, as my newest pup was adopted from Simi Valley Missing Pets. She put my mind at ease, and assured me everything would be fine. So off we went for 10 whole days in the rain! While we were gone, we got regular texts and e-mails from Kelly with an update on home. Everyone was doing great!! It was such a relief to know ALL the animals were being taken care of with regular walks, playtime and hugs. We came home to a stack of mail on the counter, 2 very happy dogs and everything as it should be. I really think the stress of us leaving was lessened greatly by all the animals being able to stay in their familiar environment and by Kelly loving them so much. I have used Kelly several times since and it's so great to know I have a back-up who will take as good (or better!) care of my animals as I do. Thanks Kelly for all that you do!
Jenny and Annabel with Maggie, Jack, Bugs and Bam Bam.